What is RU7 Zoning?

The current and estimated population growth of Kelowna has paved the way for increased densification across the city. The City of Kelowna has focused on increasing density within areas with existing infrastructure. This has proven to be a more economically and environmentally sound approach to growth. In 2016, a new zoning bylaw was adopted in select parts of Kelowna’s Urban Core Area. The RU7 zone allows greater flexibility for infill housing, while remaining sensitive to surrounding homes and neighbourhoods. Depending on lot size, the RU7 zone in Kelowna will allow a range from two to four units per lot with lane access. Kelowna has encouraged a high quality of design in the RU7 zone and this has resulted in many innovative and unique forms of housing. Opportunities may be lost when property owner’s don’t have the information they need in this niche market. We are the Realtors of choice when it comes to RU7. Let us help you take advantage of your RU7 zoning in Kelowna!

Why speak with us about your RU7 property?

As Kelowna transitioned towards densifying its downtown core, we were there every step of the way. We attended the initial public hearings and provided critical feedback to the planning department. We have fully developed our own RU7 properties, and have familiarized ourselves and categorized the properties within this niche market. It is imperative to have a thorough understanding of Kelowna’s RU7 zone when buying and selling around Kelowna North and Kelowna South. We are committed to helping RU7 homeowners in Kelowna get the most out of their unique property. If you are looking for help with anything RU7 related, we are your primary source for expertise and advice.