Selling Your Home In The Kelowna Area?

Sell With Us

Sell With Us

We are confident in our ability to sell your Kelowna home. We have been very successful in our marketing strategy to date. In the past year we are proud to share that our ratio of homes listed to homes sold was 22% higher than the market average. We have utilized a diverse range of marketing techniques and stay current with emerging technologies that can aid in the marketing process. Some of these include: high quality photos and video, drone integration, virtual walkthroughs, targeted advertisements on social media and direct mail-outs.

Making small adjustments prior to listing your Kelowna home can do wonders. We provide a thorough assessment of your home’s condition and will recommend cost effective tips and tricks to expedite the sale process.

We are always open to feedback and never hesitate to adjust our strategy accordingly. We take our roles very seriously and understand that the stakes are always high. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Your stress is our stress, and as homeowners ourselves, we know what the selling process in Kelowna can be like. We are committed to changing this narrative for the better. It all starts with sitting down with you and building a strategy that everyone is comfortable with.

If you’re thinking of selling or are curious about how much your Kelowna Home would sell for in today’s market, contact us for a Comparative Market Analysis today. We offer both a quick analysis and a thorough analysis.

Comparative Market Analysis:

We will promptly send you a list of comparable listings (both sold and active) in your neighborhood and give you an informed estimate of where your home stands. Ask for your Comparative Market Analys today.

In order to provide you with the most accurate advice regarding your home’s value, it is recommended to book a time with us to perform a walkthrough of your property. Seeing your home’s unique attributes first-hand will always result in our most accurate home assessment. It is also imperative to note the condition of major items such as roofs, electrical wiring, landscaping, recent renovations and more. Before listing your home, resolving or recognizing small issues early on can have a big impact and help you to gain the most leverage during negotiations. Contact us today and we’d be happy to meet with you and provide a thorough Comparative Market Analys of your home.


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